Dallas Love Field

Dallas Love Field Modernization

Estimated Project Budget $519 Million

The Love Field Modernization Program (LFMP) was created in 2009 to accommodate the expected increase in traffic as a result of the release of the Wright Amendment on Oct. 13, 2014, which allows nonstop flights from Love Field across the U.S. LFMP is a joint effort by the City of Dallas and Southwest Airlines to expand and transform Dallas Love Field Airport into a convenient, modern airport for travelers.

Since it’s beginning, LFMP has made tremendous progress. In 2014 the Airport opened 20 new gates, expanded the main lobby space and baggage claim area, as well as opened a new ticketing/check-in hall. This first phase also doubled the amount of airport concessionaires and now offers a wide variety and impressive selection to satisfy any travelers’ needs.

The next phase of LFMP was developed in 2015 and focuses on improving and expanding parking at Love Field to accommodate for the increased traffic. Garage C will provide approximately 5,300 new parking spaces and is anticipated to open in 2018. Throughout the construction of Garage C, travelers may utilize The Love Connection.

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